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紫 し より糸 PORASAKI 朝焼けの色 わたしの好きな色

焼酎やウィスキーのボトルキープはじめました! お仕事帰りYESで一杯お気軽に.. ENJOY! “BOTTLE KEEP” SERVICE! A GLASS OF DRINK FROM YOUR OWN BOTTLE MAKES YOU RELUXED! TREAT YOURSELF WITH LUXURIOUS TIME .. In Japan, bars offer something called “bottle keep” in which a customer can buy a bottle of their preferred liquor such as shochu, whiskey and Japanese sake, drink some of it and then have the bar keep the rest in the same bottle, to be consumed the next time they visit the place. This is done to allow people to drink without worrying on finishing a bottle of liquor at once.  

baryes.shinjuku@ どうぞよろしく!

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